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Emily Dickinson’s poems reflect specter of slavery

Human trafficking and slavery were so pervasive to the imagination during her time that it became the metaphorical, or actual, subject of many of Emily Dickinson’s poems — proof that those distant from the slave states were changed by a ...
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Joseph Lee: famed hotelier, restaurateur, inventor

After having spent more than a decade of his childhood in bondage, in the late 19th century African American Joseph Lee became one of the most talked about hotel proprietors and restaurateurs in New England.
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Vet’s music book chronicled 19th century black musicians

"Music and Some Highly Musical People" tells about the 19th century history, development and contributions of black Americans in music. It was written in Boston in 1878 by James Munroe Trotter, the father of William Munroe Trotter, Boston’s leading early ...
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George Lewis Ruffin, Mass. state rep., district judge

Honorable Judge George Lewis Ruffin was born of free parents, George W. and Nancy Lewis Ruffin, in Richmond, Va., on December 16, 1834. Advantages for the education of blacks in Virginia were very limited. His parents, who were very anxious ...
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